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Pet Deli

Tasty Meals for Healthy Pets

At Pet Deli®, we offer a range of delicious, preservative free, raw-meat pet foods for your pet to eat as nature intended. Made from quality, human grade meats and sourced from New Zealand farms, our tasty pet foods contain all the nutrients your furry friend needs to lead a long, healthy and active life.

We’ve been feeding thousands of dogs and cats for over ten years. Our research into what they love started in the forests of New Zealand twenty years ago. We worked with dogs that were born and raised in the forest, living on what was hunted for them.

The difference in their health, happiness and well-being from city dogs inspired us. After seeing how much better the dogs lived on a natural diet, we researched international predator-prey relationships.

This is what we found out. Dogs and cats love eating raw meat. They also love how good it is for them.

Feed your pet as nature intended. 
They’ll love you even more for it.

Plus the entire Pet Deli® range is 100% NATURAL,

Dogs and cats are natural-born CARNIVORES.

A RAW MEAT diet is all they are designed to eat.

Tasty raw foods for your pet

At Pet Deli®, we know the healthiest pets are those that eat a diet as close as possible to that of their wild ancestors, modern wolves and big cats.

Dogs and cats are natural-born carnivores. That’s why Pet Deli® provides a range of raw meat pet foods your pet will love and thrive on. Made from quality, fresh meats grown on New Zealand farms, they contain all the nutrients your pet needs to keep healthy.


Beef Blend


100% New Zealand beef, green tripe, sunflower oil, coconut oil, kelp, vitamins and minerals,

New Zealand green lip mussel plus potentiated whole fruit and herbs.

A nutritious blend of green tripe, tender 100%

New Zealand beef and the right mix of nutrients to maximise the taste and performance of every mouthful.

Veal Meal


Dairy veal, green tripe, sunflower oil, coconut oil, kelp, vitamins and minerals, New Zealand green lip mussel plus potentiated whole fruit and herbs.

Sourced from New Zealand farms, this product is having great results with pets with allergies and eating disorders. It’s suitable for both dogs and cats.

Chicken Ragout


Chicken, green tripe, sunflower oil, coconut oil, kelp, vitamins and minerals, New Zealand green lip mussel plus potentiated whole fruit and herbs.

Fresh chicken, green tripe, and a mix of nutrients maximise the taste and goodness for even the fussiest of pets.

What our ingredients do

Chicken: High grade quality chicken that’s ideal for animals of all life stages.

Beef: Rich source of iron raised and farmed in New Zealand.

Veal: Non-allergenic, high quality milk fed meat.

Tripe: Superfood for dogs. Rich in prebiotics and nutritional values not found in normal meat protein.

Sunflower Oil: Balances the ratios of linoleic acid (Omega 6) with rich amounts of Omega 3.

Coconut Oil: Has great natural properties for coat and skin health plus helps irritated skin.

Kelp: A natural source of iodine for a healthy thyroid gland.

Himalayan Rock Salt: Contains 83 trace elements and minerals to supplement modern feeding.

Vitamins & Minerals: All natural vitamins and minerals to replace what is lacking in our soil types and therefore herbivore diets.

Green Lip Mussel: A rich source of Omegas that makes for strong bones and joints.

Potentiated Whole Fruit & Herbs: Added to replicate the diet of what your pet would eat if it hunted itself.


Pet Deli® has helped thousands of dogs and cats love raw feeding. Over the years, we’ve addressed a number of myths about raw feeding which we’ve shared here. If you’d still like to know more, please feel free to email the team at lovepetdeli@petdeli.co.nz or call us on 0800 PET DELI for more information.

 What shoud I feed my pet each week?

These recommendations are starting amounts only. Your pet may need less or more food to maintain a proper weight. As a tip though, because of the goodness of Pet Deli®, the amount in the bowl always looks too little.

If you are still not sure, please feel free to email the team at lovepetdeli@petdeli.co.nz or call us on 0800 PET DELI for more information.

Small Dog 0 - 10kgs Suggested daily amount of 100 - 200 grams. Feed once or twice (50 - 100 grams per feed) each day. Whichever suits your lifestyle or dog but we recommend twice a day.

Medium Dog 10.1 - 20kgs Suggested daily amount of 400 grams. Feed once or twice (200 grams per feed) each day. Whichever suits your lifestyle or dog but we recommend twice a day.

Medium to large Dog 20.1 - 30kg Suggested daily amount of 600 grams. Feed once or twice (300 grams per feed) each day. Whichever suits your lifestyle or dog but we recommend twice a day.

Where to buy Pet Deli 

North Island:

Animal Health Care Centre Orewa:

292 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa

09 427 8122

Masterton Seed & Pet Shop:

126 Dixon St, Masterton 5810

06 377 4236

South Island:

The Feedshack Rangiora:

44 Newnham Street, Rangiora 7400

03- 313 3016

The Feedshack Bishopdale:

Shop 33, Bishopdale Courts, Christchurch

03 359 5118


62 Deveron Street, Invercargill 9810

03 214 3455





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Pet Deli is product of Ezymeats Ltd New Zealand.

Email Us:                                For all enquiries please email sales@petdeli.co.nz

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The Raw
     Feeding Myth List

Dogs are omnivores:

This is false. Dogs are carnivores, not omnivores. Dogs are very adaptable though, but just because they can survive on an omnivorous diet does not mean it is the best diet for them. The truth about dogs being natural carnivores is clearly visible by the evidence available to us.

Dogs have adapted to cooked, processed diets:

This is false. The evidence is the millions of pets sitting in the waiting rooms of veterinary clinics with periodontal disease, skin diseases, cancers, organ diseases, diabetes, obesity – diseases that have strong connections to cooked and processed foods.

Raw feeding doesn’t provide nutritional balance:

True. You cannot feed a diet of just meat to your dog and expect it to do well. Your dog needs bones, green tripe and organ meat as well to obtain the proper nutrients. This means feeding a prey-model diet based on a whole prey animal. If you are feeding a variety of raw meaty bones and organ meats, then their diet will be balanced. Raw foods contain the exact proportions of fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes a dog needs.

Eating bones is dangerous:

Dogs and cats have carnivorous jaws and are designed to chew, crush and digest raw meaty bones.

Cooked bones can be dangerous though, as they are brittle and can splinter. Pet Deli® recommends you never feed cooked bones to your dog or cat. Many dogs get constipated from cooked bones, or have a splinter of brittle cooked bone perforate the stomach or gut.

There is a wide range of bones available and we suggest you choose raw bones with lots of meat attached appropriate for the size of your dog. This will avoid them gulping them in one piece.

Bacteria in raw meat is dangerous to my pet:

Dogs are surprisingly well equipped to deal with bacteria. Their saliva has antibacterial properties; it contains lysozyme, an enzyme that lyses and destroys harmful bacteria. Their short digestive tract is designed to push through food and bacteria quickly without giving bacteria time to colonise.

It could be argued that it is kibble, not the raw meat, which causes bacterial problems. Kibble in the intestine not only irritates the lining of the bowels but also provides the perfect warm, wet environment with plenty of undigested sugars and starches as food for bacteria. This is why thousands of processed food-fed animals suffer from a condition called Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, or SIBO (Lonsdale, T. 2001. Raw Meaty Bones. Pg 85). Raw meaty bones, however, create a very inhospitable environment for bacteria, as RMBs are easily digestible and have no carbohydrates, starches, or sugars to feed the bacteria.

Raw diets are not very digestable:

There is an easy answer to counter this: dogs fed a raw meaty bone diet produce poo that are one-third the size of the voluminous poo of kibble-fed dogs. That equates to a two-thirds size reduction in faecal output.

This indicates a higher digestibility; vets and dog owners know this very well. Smaller poo equals better digestibility. Raw diets are 90-97% digestible (includes the bone), whereas most dry foods are 40-70% digestible (some of the better, holistic dry foods are higher than this figure). This explains why most kibble-fed dogs have such huge poops: most of it is undigested grain and filler, also known as “fibre”. Even premium dog dry food, while more digestible than many other dry foods, yield waste that are rather large compared to a raw-fed animal’s poo.

Raw diets are inconvenient and expensive:

A raw diet is as convenient as you make it, but it will always be more work than pouring pre-formed pellets into a bowl. But at Pet Deli®, we think your pet’s health should be much more important than convenience. Your pet will love you more for the effort!

To help, Pet Deli® has weighed patties in convenient 70 gram portions so you can easily defrost and feed your pet what they need. Dogs can also eat the patties and bones frozen if you forget to defrost them (as we sometimes do for our pets). It actually slows their eating down and the extra chewing is good for them.

If you feed the right portions, Pet Deli® also compares well cost wise with dry foods. We have developed a premium product, but want to make it as accessible as we can for you and your pet.

Vets are qualified to give nutritional advice:

This is a difficult issue that is guaranteed to offend some people, particularly those in the profession. Nevertheless, the reality must be discussed. Should people fully trust the nutritional advice dispensed by their vets?

Veterinarians receive little nutritional training. The training they do receive is often advocated by or even administered by the pet food companies. Plus their nutritional training comes from the incorrect view that dogs are omnivores and can safely be maintained on a grain-based diet, even when scientific research has proven that canines and felines have no evolved need for carbohydrates.

As in any industry, there are exceptions to this rule. Pet Deli® has worked closely with a number of New Zealand vets to develop our product.

There is no scientific research to back raw diets:

Nature has been researching raw diets for over a million years. It works. The team at Pet Deli® have also closely studied predator-prey research and seen the benefits carnivores have eating raw products. We have also witnessed first hand the incredible changes many sick dogs and cats have experienced when they have converted to a raw diet. It’s often been a last resort because a vet has run out of options, and we can happily say we’ve saved the lives of many pets.